Tuesday, March 25, 2008


This is my first confession. I didn't used to believe ADD was real.

I was among those who thought the "attention" that was "deficient" was attention from parents. It wasn't until I had a child who wasn't "neurotypical" that my eyes were opened. I had a paradigm shift.

At first, I didn't want the label on my son. Anything but ADHD. So many children who are just active normal children are labeled ADHD and placed on medication so the schools can have better control. That's a fact I still believe. I didn't want my child to be one of those statistics.

We tried everything. We had his tonsils and adenoids removed. We made dietary changes. We eliminated known allergens. We were told by one person he wasn't as smart as we thought and needed to lower his expectations. Then he was labeled as gifted. Soon, he got the label of Asperger's. I don't disagree with this one. But often with Aspie kids, they also have ADD.

Reluctantly, we began to consider medication. Something had to give. My child was unhappy. This made everyone else in the family unhappy. And who wants to live in an unhappy home?

As I sought out information on ADD and treatments, I began reading about what his future may hold. This is when my eyes were opened.

The symptoms of Adult ADD were very eye opening. I began going through these checklists and thinking "My gosh, this is me!" It was as if every complaint I had about myself could be traced back to a symptom of attention deficit disorder.

I'll get to more of that later. Right now, I see I have emails to read and well...I've lost interest in blogging for the moment.

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