Wednesday, March 26, 2008

COPE for today

Today my COPE will be:

1. Cleaning the living room
2. Clean couch (wasn't on my radar but the girls just pulled off the cushions and ewww need to deal with the trail mix)
3. Go through my scrapbooking supplies and purge. This will be emotionally difficult.
4. Sew at least one dress...actually a multistep process which will involve: cleaning the dishes, clearing off the table and the counter in the kitchen. It's a ritual. I reward myself with something I want to do after I've finished a task I have to do.
5. fold laundry

Tonight is the fun night around here as we have scouts and achievement day at two different church buildings in two different cities. Oh yeah...this out to be fun.

Dinner will be something quick and easy.

Oh drat. I just remembered, while making this lovely list, I told my husband I'd bring him lunch today! See, this is precisely why I need lists!

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