Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Daily Dynamics

One of the biggest challenges facing me each day is getting in control of my daily tasks.

Most people can look at a task and break it down into smaller jobs and just get it done. I can't. I can see the job. I can break it down into smaller jobs. Getting it done? eh not so much.

When I attempt to clean, it goes something like this:

Gather dishes in the living room to take to the kitchen.
See fabric in the kitchen that belongs with my sewing supplies.
Decide there has to be a better way to store the fabric.
Find a really cute piece of fabric I forgot about and decide to make something.
Dig through the patterns.
Find a pattern.
Begin cutting out the project.
See stack of dishes in the kitchen.
Start putting away dishes in the dishwasher. Get dishwasher loaded (for some reason I can usually complete this task without too much problem).
Check living room for more dishes and remember "oh yeah, I started in here 3 hours ago!"

I will just move from room to room never actually finishing a single project. And that sewing project I started? It may sit there for a week or more before I actually finish it. If it goes more than a week, the likelihood of completion is very very small.

Someone pointed me in the direction of looking up information on executive function deficits. This makes a good amount of sense to me. Basically my brain can't figure out where to start. It has trouble prioritizing.

I really just wish I could, off of medication, finish one thing at a time. Supposedly FlyLady would help, but it gets really overwhelming that way. I've tried. I think one day I may make a list of all the books I've purchased to help me get organized!

I need a small daily list. Maybe a spreadsheet. I need to make things manageable and write them out step by step.

I can definitely see how having more clutter and chaos affects my ability to keep a grasp on things. An organized environment means less distractions visually to interfere with my thinking.

I will be here with my daily Cleaning Organization Prioritization Expectations...or COPE posts. I am hoping it will help me COPE with my life better!

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