Thursday, March 27, 2008

The nose knows

I am the proud owner of a super sniffer. This morning when I woke with a migraine should have been my first clue there was a problem in the house. The only times I wake up with a migraine as opposed to developing one throughout the day, is when the pilot has gone out on the stove. Why can't I ever remember this?

I didn't think it had gone out because there wasn't anything on the stove this morning. It wasn't until I sat down to sew did I smell the funky odor.

Sure enough, the pilot had gone out once again.

I often wonder why we even have a CO detector if it doesn't ever go off unless the battery is low. One would think if the pilot is out and emitting fumes the darn thing would go off. I suppose the levels aren't high enough to be toxic.

No one else in the family can ever smell the gas. I guess I'm the lucky one.

As far as what I'm doing today...

I did get one outfit sewn...and I have three more cut and ready to go. And because I've been focusing on the sewing, the house is messed up again. *sigh* It shouldn't take that long for the kids to clean it up. Oh yes, I'm making them clean it. After all, the whole point of having children is to teach them to clean up after you (just kidding, sort of). That's my confession today. I make my kids clean, especially if they are in trouble. My other confession is I'm drinking a diet dr. pepper. So much for weaning off the caffeine!

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