Friday, March 28, 2008

Some afternoon thoughts

First, please congratulate me on being caffeine free all day today. And please ignore the bag of dark chocolate m & ms sitting on my desk to take the place of the caffeine.

Second, I wanted to talk more about changing the mindset. I've come to really love freecycle. I don't feel bad about giving things away to other people. I feel like I'm sharing the love and giving back.

I have three large bags set to go away to someone else.

One of my biggest successes in this whole clutter control issue was letting go of kids' clothes. With five children, you can just imagine the overwhelming amount of clothes. My boys are four years apart and so are my two older girls. I can't imagine holding on to something and not using it for FOUR YEARS. Talk about wasteful! This means, when they outgrow the clothes, they go away. I do keep a few sentimental outfits.

And, I'm getting in my crafting/creating fix by sewing clothes for the girls. This creates a completely different issue for a hoarding type like me.

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  1. Loving your new blog, i have some issues myself.

    I have a hard time parting with any baby stuff - its stained and ripped? Who cares its just soooooo cute


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