Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fifteen minutes of fame

Years and years ago, I used up five minutes of my fifteen. I was interning with a local newspaper and one of my stories got picked up on the AP wire. This was a pretty big deal. My story was very long. I went to Seattle for a visit and found my little story reduced to three paragraphs buried in the dark recesses of "interesting news from outside the area." But there it was in the Seattle PI.

I'm now enjoying another five minutes.

I just got a letter in the mail from a woman in Hawaii who saw one of my kitchen oopses that turned into a yummy in Rachael Ray's magazine and wanted my recipe! I can't believe someone was interested enough in a cookie recipe to google me and the snail mail a letter! Absolutely insane!

I am pretty sure the recipe is this one. It's been awhile. My big oops? I started the cookies and realized I was completely out of milk. I did have eggnog ice cream, and used that instead. They were extremely creamy. But, this is a pretty excellent cookie recipe anyway!

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