Monday, April 7, 2008

I came, I sewed, I procrastinated

I think the title says it all. In my effort to finish projects in order to organize my sewing items and decrease the amount of fabric in my stash (yeah yeah that's it, D is sure to believe that) I needed to sew today. First order of business was to finish The Rose dress that has been sitting on top of my sewing pile for a good two weeks. I also have a pair of knicker pants for Leelee that are half way done. I've never done a zipper in a fly before and I think that's why I keep putting it off. Also cut out is one more of that dreaded "Recycled" dress that i've tried three times now and haven't had complete success. I'm getting closer.

Oh and lest we forget, I have a stack of projects to do for people who are actually paying me with something other than hugs and kisses.

Confession: I'd rather be sewing than cleaning my house, folding laundry and cleaning out closets.

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