Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Today, I have really got to crack down on things. I did well with my plan yesterday until the kids got home. My house is always neat and tidy until they get home. As soon as they walk through the door, it goes downhill.

I'm not really even sure how it happens. I see the shoes and backpacks in the living room. They are instructed to put them away. Usually they do. But I somehow end up with all sorts of papers scattered everywhere! And dishes! I do not know how the dishes end up in the living room when people aren't allowed to eat there! It's like a wormhole exists between the kitchen and living room sucking dishes right out from the sink into the middle of the floor. That's what my children would have me believe because we know they would never ever sneak food into the living least food that needed plates!

Yesterday, Alex should have learned a very good lesson about putting things away. He left out grape jelly. He didn't shut the baby gate to the kitchen. baby + grape jelly + sewing machine is not a combination you want to have happen. It was an awful mess. I had him clean it up.

But, Alex, like me, also has ADD so things have to happen several times for things to sink in. After dinner he was still hungry and made himself one of those big cans of chunky soup. Like a moth drawn to a flame, he was mesmerized by the game DH was playing on the computer and didn't shut the baby gate. baby + big bowl of soup.

Einstein said insanity is "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

I'm not sure which one of us is insane. The child for leaving things in the baby's reach, leaving the gate open and not expecting her to get in to it. Or is it me? Expecting the kids to remember to put things away and shut the gate?

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