Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lead Balloon

Leelee's appointment didn't go so well and neither did my housekeeping today.

We did manage to make it to the 8:30 a.m. appointment on time. This is a miracle in itself since I tend to run 10 minutes late to everything. We discussed with the dentist the plan. I reminded everyone she was latex allergic. Kari pitched a fit because she wasn't going to the dentist. Strange child enjoys being poked and prodded. The littles and I went out to the waiting room and about 5 minutes later, out walks Leelee. She freaked out at the needle. This makes dentist #4 or are we up to #5 that can't handle the child freaking out.

Looking on the bright side, I'm glad they are willing to stop work and not traumatize her. The bad side, it's taken so long and so many dentists to get this cavity fixed it has now abscessed and needs to come out.

The dr referred us to a place he felt would be good for her but alas, they only take medicaid! Well, we don't have medicaid thank you very much, which means I now have to go out of network to a pediatric dentist since we've pretty much exhausted all the decent dentists in town.

She has an appointment tomorrow afternoon for take #6 of the great cavity drama.

After that we hit Costco where I restrained myself and did not buy the 7 dozen eggs for $4.90 even tho it was an incredibly good deal. Surely I can use that many eggs! It would only take about a month and more space in my fridge than I can spare... I also splurged on strawberries ... 4 lbs for $6! They are the best juiciest strawberries I have had in years. I think between all of us, we've eaten about 2 lbs already.

Meanwhile, nothing got done around the house. I even stooped to ordering pizza for dinner. After dinner, I sewed. Oh yes, after the day from you-know-where, I indulged my creative side and sewed!

And yes, like a good girl, I picked up the living room and did the dishes before I blogged. So there :P

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