Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Perpetual Toddler

I was watching my 17 month old go from activity to activity one morning. She could not sit still. Any new and exciting thing that crossed her path, she'd chase after it. She is very easily redirected in to different tasks. However, when something really grabs her attention, it's a complete meltdown to get her away. Sounds pretty normal, right?

I realized that ADD is a bit like being stuck at 17 months old. Every little thing is an interesting distraction that needs investigation. And once something really gets your attention, it takes an act of congress to bring you out.

I see the same behavior in my 11 yo with ADHD. Only, it's not nearly as cute and I can't walk over and pick him up and move him to another activity. Well, I could, but I'd probably throw my back out.

I just wish I had the energy that goes with being 17 months old!

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  1. Oh yes,
    I understand.
    Charlie isn't too hard to get to "move on" to the next thing, but lately he's been REALLY fixating on certain funny things:

    The Friskies catfood commercial - the one that shows the kitties chasing playfully and carefree-like after butterflies. He hollers "Mo (more), mo, mo!" as soon as he sees it is on.

    We have Tivo and I guess I *could* rewind it for him and keep playing it over and over - I'm just afraid I'll get stuck having to keep on playing that game, LOL.

    And Sam has this book about the lifecycle of a caterpillar/butterfly and Charlie is FIXATED on the page where a bird eats one of the (unfortunate) caterpillars! LOL! He stares at that thing forever, and keeps on pointing and exclaiming, "Uh-oh! Uh-oh!" over and over and over again, until you acknowledge. LOL.

    If its "obsessing" pain you're feeling as well, I'm afraid feeling it too!


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