Friday, April 11, 2008

Road Trip!

The open road is calling. We have a family reunion this summer in Portland, Ore. Even with gas prices so high, it's still cheaper to drive than fly. And, amazing as it sounds, all of that time in a van with five children is vastly more appealing than several hours on a plane with them.

I do not enjoy air travel. I've flown twice since 9/11. Once to move here and once for my sister's wedding. And, I can't even remember the last time I flew before that. Maybe once back in college. A 757 crashed a few miles from my home when I was in high school and that sort of thing up close and personal, sort of sticks with you. Flying is still supposed to be safer than driving but I'm wondering how many of those flew with this many children.

It may be safer, but is it saner? That's the big question. At least on the road, we can stop and let the kids run.On the plane, we're stuck...for six hours.

Then there's the cost factor. Flying for our family will also include a car rental once we get to our destination. Flying will cost us around $4000. Driving, round trip can be done for under $1500.

I'm obsessively pouring over maps trying to decide which route to take. We have one leg of the trip that's a definite. We're heading straight north to the land of the mega coaster. That's right, we're going to Cedar Point! Everyone is extremely excited.

I had a very traumatic childhood, I think. I lived in Denver when a man died on a roller coaster. A relative was also stuck at the top of a roller coaster at the same park when it got stuck and everyone had to be rescued. D said he's going to get me on a coaster yet. The last time I was on a coaster was in '86 in Canada.

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