Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We have a winner!

Or at least honorable mention. I'm very proud of Leelee for her science fair project. She worked hard and it showed.

I also made a cute bag for her for school today. Her bag broke and with just 4 1/2 weeks left of school I didn't want to buy one. Sort of like how I'm making the kids tough it out with their shoes, too. No sense in spending the money on shoes they aren't going to be wearing in the fall when school is almost out.

On the bright side, I finally did something with the pair of jeans I've been hanging on to for at least a year. Slowly but surely I'm decluttering my sewing stash.


  1. Oh wow - did she love it?
    I understand about not wanting to waste money on stuff when school is almost out...Sam is schlepping through the rest of school with his shoes just absolutely on the brink of certain death...LOL.

  2. Love is not even the word to describe her feelings about the bag. She is absolutely thrilled beyond thrilled with it! And apparently her little friends all gushed over it, too, which you know is the ultimate cool.

  3. The skirt is great, thats wonderful you made her a bag. Such talent you have


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