Thursday, June 26, 2008

Confession: My oldest child is not normal

Yesterday, we're standing in line at the discount bread store and Alex began talking to me about gas prices.

Let me back up, Alex listens to NPR *every* morning. he's weird. I get that LOL

He thought it would be a great idea for the government to step in and set controls on gas prices like other countries do. I patted him on the head and said "You're becoming a little socialist"

Alex asked me why that why socialism was so bad. Mind you, this is a child I was having a conversation about the French involvement in Vietnam at age [b]8[/b]. I looked him square in the eye and said it counterproductive to our free market economy. :p

He said "oh" like of course every 11 year old boy knows exactly what that means.

There was this old couple standing in line behind us and they both had the biggest grins on their faces. You could just tell they were trying not to crack up.

We got home and the kids were outside playing so I decided to watch the news...err the Daily Show.

Alex came in and started busting a up laughing and said "Mommy! I get it! I actually really get these jokes. This is really funny!" and then started explaining the joke. He wants to watch the Daily Show with me now.

I swear, I've ruined this child.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One small step

We love movies. We have so many there wasn't enough room on our entertainment center to store them all. Friends come over to "rent" from our DVD library.

We needed to do something...aside from ditching the collection.

Someone gave us the brilliant idea of ditching the cases and putting the DVDs into a CD wallet.

We have 170 movies!


But they are now in one case...woohoo!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

show off!

OK here's a pic of me...down a whopping 42 lbs! hard work, diet and exercise! the good old fashioned way :D

Friday, June 20, 2008

some good news and some great news

I had an appt today with my GYN to talk about the horrible ovarian cysts rupturing. Last time I went in to the dr the one ovary was orange sized and covered in walnut sized cysts. I had a cyst rupture a few weeks ago which prompted me to final get myself to the dr.

The good news is that the cysts on the right ovary are GONE and it's still enlarged but it's not going to be causing me huge amounts of pain. THe left is still covered in cysts, but they are small, so it's cool.

The great news is I stepped on the scale. I know, how great can that be :P Well, A month or so ago, I met my big goal...I had lost 36 lbs and was really happy to be where I was. I was thinking it might be nice to drop another 10 lbs by the end of the year, but I was feeling really just happy with losing the 36. It put me in the top range of my weight according to WW. Anyway, without really doing much rather than keeping where I was with diet and exercise, I managed to lose SIX pounds! I now weigh well within the normal range for my height and I'm at my lost since....drumroll....1998! Yes the weight on my driver's license is once again a lie...but a good lie...because it's higher. :D

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer routine

Well, the chaos is getting to us and D has finally decided we need a summer schedule. Nice to have him on board now!

I have gotten so much accomplished already today! Yay!

The kids are off cleaning their rooms, which is great.

And the good news is D finally has a job for the fall! He's teaching at another yukky school, but there aren't too many non-yukky schools around here. He'll be teaching 8th grade, which is pre-algebra. Good thing because the incoming 7th graders are a real handful. The neighborhood grade school feeds in to the school D will be teaching at, so we've already heard a lot about this particular group of kids. :/

Saturday, June 14, 2008

about that list

I managed to make on pair of shorts, clean the living room, got to Costco and dollar tree, prepared my lesson and wrote Kari's talk. Oh well...I still have a few more hours to go before it's tomorrow *sigh*


Today I've got several things I MUST accomplish
*sew shorts for the boys
*sew some church clothes for Leelee
*sew dress for myself
*help Kari write a small "talk" for primary
*prepare my lesson for Relief Society
*Create D's Father's Day present (we're burning some video on to DVD)
*clean the living room and kitchen
*organize my bedroom
*organize my sewing space
*pick up three bags of fabric from a friend
*go to dollar tree and the grocery store

No wonder I'm tired LOL

Friday, June 13, 2008

Je suis fatigue

It sounds so much nicer in French. I am so tired the last few days. I took a four hour nap in the middle of the day and then slept 9 hours last night. I've already taken a two hour nap today and I'm still totally wasted.

Before anyone gets too suspicious of why I'm this exhausted, I'll fess up. I have allergies and I took a small dose of benedryl. Me and benedryl don't get along. If I take a full dose, I will need to sleep for two to three days.

The worst part is I only get the allergy relief for a few hours. Claratin hasn't been touching my allergies.

My eyes are watery and my nose is runny and I'm sneezing constantly.

I'm not getting anything done around the house because I feel this way. Very frustrating. Heck, I even drank a dr. pepper to help wake me up and all it did was make me fall asleep.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Rock Star

I promised some pictures of what we found on our mining expedition. We had so much fun. These are emeralds and rubies. The largest of the emeralds is supposedly 4 carats. I am not sure it's worth what they say it is. I'm skeptical that we found a little rock worth more than $500 LOL

I believe we found most of the kids birth stones which means I will be able to use real stones instead of cheap colored glass for my mother's ring. It will mean so much more since the children found the stones themselves.

We also found golf ball sized chunks of amethyst, some topaz, garnets, citrine, aventurine, obsidian and tiger's eye.

Friday, June 6, 2008

And chaos reigns

This is a little glimpse in to life around here.

We returned from our spur of the moment vacation on Tuesday night. Wednesday, D had to drive his car and so we had to unload the tent from the van. Wait, I need to back up to that little story.

D is very much a man. He finds it annoying and slightly amusing that while we are camping I still feel it is necessary to bathe. Tuesday morning, I went off to shower (gotta love state campsites will showers!) and he decided to take down the tent without waiting for me. I got back and he and Leelee had it folded up and packed in to the van. They made pretty quick work of it.

As we are about to leave he asks me where his keys are. Oh, dear...I had his keys the night before and had tossed them into one of the inside pockets of the tent and he had folded up the tent and had packed it down in to the van with the keys still inside!

Thankfully, I had my keys and we made it home. This is why Wednesday, the tent was unpacked. The ice chest was brought in Tuesday night because there was food still in it.

Thursday I never really got around to unpacking the van. I tidied up a few other things, did some laundry and ignored the van.

Today, food was a priority which meant a trip to Costco which meant I needed to have room to put food in the back of the van. This meant we needed to at least clean out the back. And that's about all that got done.

We piled in to the van to go to Costco and there's still a bag of oranges, several books, towels, shoes, toys, most of a deck of playing cards, at least one suitcase and who knows what else still in the riding portion of the van. And, the portable DVD player is still missing.

I'm extremely proud of myself for at least getting the two bags of clothes and most of the towels from the trip washed! Laundry is sooo not my thing.

I had the living room cleaned until all the stuff from the back of the van was brought in to the living room. I bribed the kids to put things away but I still have a coleman stove, the griddle and an assortment of our camping cooking and cleaning gear in the living room. D said he'd put it away. I'm wondering how long it's going to actually sit there. *sigh*

I also wonder why we always seem to be able to pack up the van to go places and everything fits and when we come home it seems like we have more than we left with?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sometimes you gotta get away

At the very last minute, D decided we needed to get out of Dodge. The stress of the job search, the kids being kids, and a slew of other things just pushed us to the point where we needed to leave NOW. I was given just a few short hours to plan a trip!

Normally, when we go camping we plan for weeks and it's a well orchestrated event. Not so much this time. I looked on a map and did a google search and picked Helen, Ga. We debated whether or not to take two vehicles. If we took two, then we'd be able to bring all of our gear. We have a very elaborate set up that people usually stop to look at. It's very impressive. But two cars would mean extra gas and at nearly $4/gal, I guessed we could make do with hot dogs over the open fire and sandwiches and a couple meals out...and bonus, I don't have to drive.

We didn't get to leave early enough to make the campground and had a hotel the first night. Once we got on the road the next morning and found the campground no thanks to the GPS, we realized we were better off finding another spot to camp. The campground was not what we were used to. I made a quick call to Unicoi State Park and we were back in business. Again, it wasn't what we were used to as far as camping but this we could at least work with. Very small spots and up the side of the hill. Our tent barely fit. Our full camp set up would NOT have fit.

We had a few fun stops on the trip like mining for gems, tubing down the Chattahoochee and Babyland General Hospital where we watched the birth of a cabbage patch kid!

I'll be posting some pictures from the trip and more details over the next few days.