Friday, June 6, 2008

And chaos reigns

This is a little glimpse in to life around here.

We returned from our spur of the moment vacation on Tuesday night. Wednesday, D had to drive his car and so we had to unload the tent from the van. Wait, I need to back up to that little story.

D is very much a man. He finds it annoying and slightly amusing that while we are camping I still feel it is necessary to bathe. Tuesday morning, I went off to shower (gotta love state campsites will showers!) and he decided to take down the tent without waiting for me. I got back and he and Leelee had it folded up and packed in to the van. They made pretty quick work of it.

As we are about to leave he asks me where his keys are. Oh, dear...I had his keys the night before and had tossed them into one of the inside pockets of the tent and he had folded up the tent and had packed it down in to the van with the keys still inside!

Thankfully, I had my keys and we made it home. This is why Wednesday, the tent was unpacked. The ice chest was brought in Tuesday night because there was food still in it.

Thursday I never really got around to unpacking the van. I tidied up a few other things, did some laundry and ignored the van.

Today, food was a priority which meant a trip to Costco which meant I needed to have room to put food in the back of the van. This meant we needed to at least clean out the back. And that's about all that got done.

We piled in to the van to go to Costco and there's still a bag of oranges, several books, towels, shoes, toys, most of a deck of playing cards, at least one suitcase and who knows what else still in the riding portion of the van. And, the portable DVD player is still missing.

I'm extremely proud of myself for at least getting the two bags of clothes and most of the towels from the trip washed! Laundry is sooo not my thing.

I had the living room cleaned until all the stuff from the back of the van was brought in to the living room. I bribed the kids to put things away but I still have a coleman stove, the griddle and an assortment of our camping cooking and cleaning gear in the living room. D said he'd put it away. I'm wondering how long it's going to actually sit there. *sigh*

I also wonder why we always seem to be able to pack up the van to go places and everything fits and when we come home it seems like we have more than we left with?

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