Friday, June 20, 2008

some good news and some great news

I had an appt today with my GYN to talk about the horrible ovarian cysts rupturing. Last time I went in to the dr the one ovary was orange sized and covered in walnut sized cysts. I had a cyst rupture a few weeks ago which prompted me to final get myself to the dr.

The good news is that the cysts on the right ovary are GONE and it's still enlarged but it's not going to be causing me huge amounts of pain. THe left is still covered in cysts, but they are small, so it's cool.

The great news is I stepped on the scale. I know, how great can that be :P Well, A month or so ago, I met my big goal...I had lost 36 lbs and was really happy to be where I was. I was thinking it might be nice to drop another 10 lbs by the end of the year, but I was feeling really just happy with losing the 36. It put me in the top range of my weight according to WW. Anyway, without really doing much rather than keeping where I was with diet and exercise, I managed to lose SIX pounds! I now weigh well within the normal range for my height and I'm at my lost since....drumroll....1998! Yes the weight on my driver's license is once again a lie...but a good lie...because it's higher. :D

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