Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sometimes you gotta get away

At the very last minute, D decided we needed to get out of Dodge. The stress of the job search, the kids being kids, and a slew of other things just pushed us to the point where we needed to leave NOW. I was given just a few short hours to plan a trip!

Normally, when we go camping we plan for weeks and it's a well orchestrated event. Not so much this time. I looked on a map and did a google search and picked Helen, Ga. We debated whether or not to take two vehicles. If we took two, then we'd be able to bring all of our gear. We have a very elaborate set up that people usually stop to look at. It's very impressive. But two cars would mean extra gas and at nearly $4/gal, I guessed we could make do with hot dogs over the open fire and sandwiches and a couple meals out...and bonus, I don't have to drive.

We didn't get to leave early enough to make the campground and had a hotel the first night. Once we got on the road the next morning and found the campground no thanks to the GPS, we realized we were better off finding another spot to camp. The campground was not what we were used to. I made a quick call to Unicoi State Park and we were back in business. Again, it wasn't what we were used to as far as camping but this we could at least work with. Very small spots and up the side of the hill. Our tent barely fit. Our full camp set up would NOT have fit.

We had a few fun stops on the trip like mining for gems, tubing down the Chattahoochee and Babyland General Hospital where we watched the birth of a cabbage patch kid!

I'll be posting some pictures from the trip and more details over the next few days.

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  1. Hi there,
    I found your blog thru *Sew Mama sew.*
    I also have ADD and have 3 DD's living with me.....

    lovely to *meet* you!!

    enjoy your holiday!!


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