Wednesday, July 30, 2008

kung pao CHICKEN mongolian CHICKEN sweet and sour the moo shoo

I'm betting maybe three of you are singing along with the title today. Every time someone in the family mentions any type of Chinese food, someone else breaks out in to this Silly Song from the Ultimate Silly Song Count Down.

Last night I made Kung Pao Chicken, so everyone was singing. It's madness.

I have to give a shout out to Suzanne who blogs over at Creating Post it Notes for her awesome Kung Pao Chicken recipe.

My kids' have very unusual tastes in food and I was really hoping they wouldn't like the chicken. It was so delicious I wanted to save it all for myself (I planned to share with D, at least). But sadly, my kids loved it. They loved it so much, I barely got any at all. They left me with the peanuts and a few pieces of chicken. It was really not fair at all!

I suppose it's good my kids like a wide variety of foods, including spicy things. I almost think me telling the kids ahead of time they probably won't like it makes them want to like it.

I'm on the hunt for more delicious recipes to share with my readers. I've been so obsessed with food lately that I've neglected my other hobbies. This happens frequently with ADD. I start to hyper focus. On the plus side, I've been spending so much time looking at recipes that nothing actually sounds good to eat, so it really helped with the weight loss.

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