Friday, July 25, 2008

That's My Kid!

The school was running a program this week where for $5 you could send your kids to school from 8-11 to get a "jumpstart" on the new year. School actually starts on Aug 11.

Kari *really* wanted to go and for $5, it was totally worth it.

Today they had a program to show to the parents what they've been doing. The kindies stood on the stage and sang a song. One little girl looked like she was going to throw up, she was so scared. LOL

Next, the kids got a chance to tell what they liked best about school. At the beginning of the week, Kari declared school was boring because she already knew everything. She is very far ahead of the other kids, but we already knew that. The kids who did the program have the parents who are the most involved in school and the kids generally are the best prepared. Many students come in to the school not even knowing basics like colors. It's scary. But with this group of kids, the teachers decided to just start in on the reading program since they already had the basics.

Anyway, the kids are all saying they liked reading, math, shapes, etc. Two of the kids (including the girl with obvious stage fright) refused to say anything.

When it was Kari's turn, she marched across the stage in her little pigtails and said "My favorite part of school is snacks!"


The snacks at school were not typically what I allow my kids to eat, so I think this was why the snacks stood out the most to her. She said "But they were so delicious!" and she was so impressed at all the different kinds of chips they got to eat.

When we went to leave, I spoke with the teacher Ben had for kindie and she said "at least Kari's honest" heehee then she bent down and gave Kari a little kiss on the forehead and said "see you in two weeks!" and very quietly said that she just let us know our class assignment for the fall. YES! We LOVED this teacher and Kari would have been completely heartbroken not to have her.

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  1. Your post was so funny I had to read it to my husband. We both got a good chuckle. Have a great weekend!


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