Friday, August 29, 2008

life in flux

I really do not know how moms who work full time outside the home do it all! There are simply just not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Even with four kids in school and working just four hours a day, I feel like my life is in total chaos.

This morning, I managed to get the kids to school in time, just barely. Even though I had lunch money in envelopes in backpacks, Alex still managed to lose his lunch money by the time he got to school. I looked all over the house and was completely unable to find it.

After running the kids to school, I swung by the pharmacy for my Zofran. I wasn't exactly dressed. Just tossed on some clothes and didn't have on a bra. My hair wasn't brushed and neither were my teeth. It wasn't pretty. I didn't care because the pharmacy has a drive up window...and much to my dismay, it wasn't open at 8 a.m. I had to drag my trashy looking self into the store to get my medicine. The only bright spot was finding out that a generic was now available.

I raced home and looked again for Alex's lunch money. I showered, got ready for work, changed Lizzy's clothes, grabbed lunch and out the door we went. I got to work relatively on time, which for me, is always a huge accomplishment. I set the clock in my van 6 minutes ahead to help me get places on time.

After work, Lizzy and I ran to the fabric store where I found some cute fabric for Kari's Halloween Costume.

By the time we left the fabric store it was already 1 p.m. and I had to be at the school by 2 p.m. for Kari's birthday treats. A mad dash home where I ate more lunch, fed Lizzy, sat down for about 10 minutes, changed my clothes and off we went to the school. Cupcakes and juice bags. Kari read a story with the help of her teacher. Kari is so cute and has been desperate to learn to really read for ages. Hopefully the snail pace they are going at school won't bore her to tears.

Left the school and ran three more errands. Made it home with five minutes to spare before the kids got home. Read all the important papers and directed the kids in doing chores. D got home at 3:40. I saw him for all of 30 minutes before he had to leave. He gave me a list of things he needed from WalMart. That was one more errand that needed doing before dinner. We were late picking up Leelee from school because Kari couldn't find her shoes.

Then I realized my ultimate stupidity was heading to WalMart at 5 pm. It's a mad house and the kids are hungry. It made it for a very fast trip since we managed to make it out of the store by 5:30.

Needless to say, I was exhausted and we had TV dinners tonight.

I still have about four sewing projects that must get done this weekend. And if you notice, not once have I done anything today that actually went towards cleaning the house! It's a wreck.

Like I said, I have no idea how moms who work full time manage to do it all. I am in awe. They must have some supermom gene that I am sorely lacking. LOL

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