Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Major to do list

It's hump day, which means the week is ending fast and all those things I've been putting off have to get done quickly!

Top on the list is reorganizing the sewing supplies. But like most things, in order to get to that I have about five other jobs that need to get done first. I just wish it could be easy! The big push then today is to get a prioritized list of what needs to get done in order to accomplish the big goal. I also need to put the kids to work doing the jobs that will likely distract me, such as picking up the living room and running the roomba. I will add that having a roomba is wonderful! I want the scooba for will mop my floors for me!

Anyway, my priority list

1. Empty my dresser
2. Empty one of the girls' dressers (not sure which one yet)
3. Move my dresser somewhere, not sure where yet.
4. Clean off small bookshelf
5. Move small bookshelf to kitchen (temporary)
6. Move one of the girls' dressers to where the bookshelf used to be
7. Move my dresser into the girls' room
8. Move the bookshelf from girls' room into my room where my dresser used to be
9. Refill dressers
10. Put sewing items on bookshelf.

I have a sinking feeling all of my sewing isn't going to fit on the bookshelf. Part of me is wondering if I should empty all the sewing FIRST and see if this is even going to work.

I need to develop a new system for storing my fabric. It's completely out of control.

The other problem in this is we're switching the boys' and girls' room at some point. But D wants to refinish the floors and do all the painting before we switch them. I'm just not sure that's going to happen. I may just pick a day and switch it all and do a major purge. They are going to come home from school one day and find their rooms all primed and next day, painted, I guess. It just depends on how much I can get done during Lizzy's nap!

Further complications will occur if I get the job at the YMCA. I'm really hoping things will stay more organized if I'm working part time and not in the house all morning :)

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