Thursday, September 18, 2008

best laid plans

It's only Thursday and my meal planning has gone right out the window LOL

I went to WalMart for groceries this week and walked out without quite a bit on my list. First, I was excited to see oranges at a very reasonable 74 cents/lb. I got to the checkout to find out they were 74 cents EACH! And these weren't big oranges. These were the small ones not much bigger than a mandarin orange. Second, the potatoes on my list...I didn't even buy those. They wanted $7.95 for a FIVE lb bag of potatoes! That's highway robbery.

Today at Costco, I picked up a 10 lb bag of potatoes for $6. Much more reasonable, especially since they were baby reds. I also found boxes of pad thai for 3.95. The bad news at Costco is the extra lean ground beef which a month ago was selling for $1.99/lb is now $2.85/lb! Talk about a shock to my meal planning and grocery budget. I need to pay a bit more attention to the local sales flyers again to make sure I'm getting the best deal. Or better yet, beg a friend to buy meats for me at the commissary (shhhhhhhhh).

Sadly, the taco soup, which I filled in my 7 qt crock pot didn't generate enough leftovers for an entire second meal. We used to call it the endless soup because it felt like we ate it forever, even from the freezer. I guess with the kids getting bigger, we are just plain eating more. We did manage to get one lunch and two other servings out of it, which was fine.

And, no chicken and dumplings tonight! I got home from work and errands at 3 p.m. and naturally didn't do the crockpot before I left. We'll have to have that another night.

I bought the latest issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray and found a great recipe for a German Potato Pie. It calls for a pie crust, shredded potatoes, bacon and sauerkraut. Of course I'm changing it up a bit to accommodate the foods I have stashed in my freezer. I'll post the recipe after I have it all worked out.

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  1. THANK YOU so much for the beautiful apron. I LOVE IT!! I had been gone for a few days and had a wonderful package waiting for me when I got home. I love the pattern you chose and I even considered using the same one for the apron I made but I chose view a.

    Again, thank you SOOOO MUCH!


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