Thursday, September 4, 2008

not much to say

Just trying to keep up with things, I suppose. The hyperemsis has set in and although I am taking zofran, it's not really helping as much as I'd like. I'll spare all my readers the details, but suffice to say, I will be very surprised to find if I am gaining any weight despite my pooched out belly.

I am desperately trying to keep my head above water. I am off my add meds because I can't keep them down. I do well enough on a good multivitamin and omega 3 supplements, but the omega 3 supplements have this sort of fishy taste and well, that's not a good thing right now.

My brave husband is having to rescue dinner many nights. He's a good sport. I'm not making any of my fancy meals I get from all the great foodie blogs. We're down to tater tot casserole and spaghetti. In fact, we're having two variations on tacos next week...the traditional taco and taco salad. Tacos are one food I can reliably keep down. And as vile as it sounds, lunchables taco wraps don't make me sick at all! I think I've eaten more processed foods in the last 9 weeks than I have in my entire life.

I can't wait til say, Thanksgiving-ish, when my stomach should quiet down enough for me to enjoy real food again.


  1. Hi there

    Just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say sorry you are feeling so rough.

    Have you tried Flax Seed (linseed) Oil capsules as alternative to Fish Oil? It has the same Omega 3 value but not the horrid fishy stuff which turns the stomach!

  2. I'm willing to give anything a try! I've been eating cereal that is high in flax seed or something like that. It tastes like cardboard. I used to add bananas but I can't eat bananas right now.


Thanks and have a great day!