Friday, September 12, 2008

sewing lament

After weeks of feeling horrible, I'm finally feeling well enough to sew. I'm pretty excited because I have to clean out my fabric stash. It's taking over the house...or else that's what you'd think listening to D complain about it. I don't hear him complaining much when I sell my creations, though ;)

My lament is this: On one of my favorite sewing websites they are playing a stash game. You get points for whatever you use that you didn't have to buy. Not that I'd actually ever win the bragging rights, but it would sure be motivation for me to keep sewing!

I've managed to complete several projects recently and I'm really pleased with how they've turned out. I've even purchased some vintage patterns for myself that I need to sew up very soon because I'm running out of clothes. I lost so much weight since I had Lizzy that none of my old maternity clothes fit! I'm trying to find patterns that I could easily modify back into regular wear.

We also have the state fair coming up next month and I do plan on entering my sewing again. I want to win first this time and not second and third. We are entering several cooking contests, too. Oh and the family may make a scarecrow together. We'll see.

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