Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Sunday

For the second week in a row, I've been home with a sick child. I feel like I haven't been to church in ages. It's a bit depressing. I have to go next week as I'm teaching in Relief Society, the women's organization at church. I've taught the third Sunday lessons for the past four years.

I really do enjoy the calling, but sometimes I wish I could teach a different lesson, like fourth Sunday. Fourth Sunday lessons usually have more room to play with creative ideas for teaching. I think in order to get a new calling, I have to stop wanting another calling!

Anyway, D's been going to church instead of me because he is Sunday School President. Apparently this calling involves more than just ringing the bell to let people know when to change classes. In all seriousness, this is a very busy calling as he's never able to sit down and does have to attend early morning meetings with the bishopric and find substitutes for teachers who didn't show up. And he has to be prepared to teach classes at the last minute. It's a good thing he's a great teacher or else this calling would seriously stress him out.

I usually make a very nice Sunday dinner, but like the last several weeks, I've just not felt well enough to do something more than toss a few things in a casserole dish and walk away. Tonight we're doing spaghetti. It's not one of D's favorites. In fact, he hates all types of noodles. He also hates cheese. If I had knows this when we were dating...

Anyway, I am putting forth a bit of effort tonight as I'm breaking out the expensive dough mixer aka the bread machine. I don't actually bake bread in it because it just tastes weird and ends up with that hole in the bottom. I just use it to make dough. I'm also one of the few people to actually wear out bread machines. I'm on my third or fourth one.

I'm trying to decide between two recipes in my favorite (and only) bread machine cookbook. Both are basic breads. One is a simple french bread that doesn't call for butter. The other is a nice Italian loaf...and typical...I just looked at the recipe and realized I don't have semolina flour. That made the decision very easy. Pain Ordinaire au Beurre it is.

I'm hoping to make some mini cupcakes for dessert tonight as well. We'll see...

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