Monday, October 13, 2008

The end of the fair...

The fair ended with a whimper, not a bang. We were really hoping to really do it up with our great chicken recipes Saturday night, but it seems that the stars were aligned against us. I think Mercury is still in retrograde hahaha

We didn't even make it to the chicken cook off. As we were attempting to leave our horrible failure of the sweetened condensed milk bake off, my van wouldn't start. This isn't that uncommon when the kids leave all the lights on in the van. I was parked next to a police officer who kindly gave me a jump. The van went about three feet backwards before dying again. After a few more tries at getting it going, it became painfully clear the alternator was no longer alternating, or whatever it does. I had to call a tow truck, or wrecker as they are called here in the south, and hauled the van the entire five blocks home.

On the bright side, we did take home two additional ribbons for sewing. I'll have to post pictures of the outfits that won later. But, we did take a third place ribbon for under 6 special occasions outfit. The dress that won, was a small black and floral Mary Englebreit fabric ottobre pattern which was very easy to put together and not the pain in the rear Hillary pattern. We also received a FIRST place ribbon for another pattern from otto. I swear, I'm only entering otto sewing at the fair next year. I probably got bonus points for the the French Seams and the fact that I was able to do them on a curved edge, which supposedly is very difficult. So, Yay me LOL


  1. Your fair adventures sound wonderful! Even with the broken-down van :) I was just wondering, what inspired you to get into the local fair that much? Have you always done it? Or is it just a big deal where you live? I think it's awesome!

  2. we live about 5 blocks from the fairgrounds. :) the kids just have so much fun doing all the contests and it's a good experience for them. This is only our second year doing it, but the kids are already making plans for next year!


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