Thursday, October 16, 2008

pizza reviews

We had pizza night a day early. Call it a pregnancy craving. I watched an episode of Rachael Ray earlier this week where she made two wonderful looking pizzas and that was the end of it for me. I had to have pizza.

Unlike most recipes where I tweak them here and there to taste, I made these two pizzas according to the recipe with two exceptions...I can't get fontina cheese so I had to use mozarella and I used homemade crusts. It was one of those rare instances where most of the ingredients were already in my refrigerator.

The first recipe I was completely drooling over was a spinach and mushroom deep dish pizza. Spinach pizza is one of my favorites (and several of my children, as a matter of fact!) We were really excited to try her version which just piled on the spinach. I am not sure exactly what was off with the recipe but it just didn't taste as good as we had hoped. Maybe it's because we were anticipating the same yumminess that's in a spinach alfredo pizza. If you enjoy spinach florentine then this recipe is probably a good choice. It's not very creamy and not nearly as cheesey as we'd have liked.

The second recipe featured on the program was a bacon carbonara pizza. I'm not a fan of carbonara at all, but really made this pizza for Alex who loves everything that has bacon in it. He's like the little dog on the snausages commercial who goes around sniffing everything and thinking "BACON!" I was not at all expecting to like this one, but it was so delicious beyond my expectations. It was wonderfully deep dish with just the right balance of flavors. Not overkill on the cheese, much to the delight of D who hates cheese, and just the right amount of bacon for the boy. Even lizzy ate an entire slice of this very thick pizza. I would have gone back for seconds, but the children gobbled it up.

It's a good thing I made a few other mini-pizza creations! One of our "grown up taste bud" favorites is a buffalo chicken and mushroom pizza. Spread a generous layer of buffalo wing sauce on the crust. Top with chicken, mushroom and jack cheese. Cook til it's nice and gooey melted cheese. Another favorite is the hawaiian BBQ pizza...teriyaki BBQ sauce, followed by chicken, green onions, pineapple and jack. It could stand some green peppers but somebody doesn't like green peppers so i always forget to add them to my half.


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  2. Wow, you even did dough from scratch? I'm impressed! The bacon receipe sounds interesting. I might have to try it. The girls love bacon.

    P.S. Hope you don't mind I added you to my blogroll. It helps me keep track of you. Let me know if you do.

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  3. the dough from scratch was really easy. In fact, the recipe on the yeast package was faster than using my bread machine...and it tasted better. I was able to have two full pizza doughs ready for toppings in under an hour...which is about how long it took me to get all the other stuff together for the pizzas.


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