Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stay at home

Today is one of those days where even tho it's my "day off" from work, I'm not really getting a day off. It's the day where I get to spend time catching up on all those things that have fallen by the wayside while I've been working and tending sick children. I used to think it would be nice to have a weekend with nothing to do, like D gets every weekend. Then he pointed out that I usually have a long "honey do" list for him. heehee

I got a jump start on things yesterday during the few minutes I was home. The girls cleaned their rooms and somehow managed to give me about five loads of laundry. I do not know where they were putting it all, but I swear Kari just dumped her dresser into the laundry basket. Today, I'm tackling blankets and the laundry in the boys' room.

Oh and I need to really address the kitchen. I need to do a major reorganization before my stomach completely gets in the way. The last time I was expecting, we hadn't completed our kitchen remodel yet. Now that it's done, I can't reach the cupboard with all the cups. I need to find a place for the cups that I can reach. I'm not sure what should go in that upper cabinet.

And I'm going to get all of this done by 3:30 today. hahahaha

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  1. Hey you... I bookmarked your cookiesforlunch blog instead of this one, but it looks like you use this one more so I will start watching this one instead. How's AL? I wish I could see the fall leaves! Tell everyone in the ward "hi" for us! :)


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