Sunday, December 7, 2008


I love my job. We have the funniest things happen. These are just a couple of the funniest stories of the season...

A mom brought her two daughters in and pulled them aside, like many parents do, to go over the list. We like to eavesdrop so we can give the big guy a heads up on some of the unusual requests. This time, we got a big was heard telling the girls: "Do NOT ask for boobs!"

It's pretty common for the kids to be scared. We're good at our job and have a system set up. Santa hides behind the chair and the kids never have to see him. He comes around the corner with a present and we snap the picture. Kids aren't scared and the parents have a non-screaming Santa picture. This particular little girl was beaming on the chair while she was holding a present. The parents agreed to seeing how she'd react to Santa. This little girl was TERRIFIED! I'd say PETRIFIED, but that would imply she was too scared to move. She jumped over Santa's footstool and took off running, leaving her shoes behind!

At the end of the day, sometimes it's slow and the kids can have more time with Santa than is typical. Two tween girls came in with mom and were completely hamming it up, doing silly poses, pretending to steal Santa's gifts. One did the classic "Lucy" wail face and the mom asked "Where did you learn to make that face?" and she said "Have you ever heard of the show 'I Love Lucy'?" Oh boy...

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