Tuesday, December 9, 2008

jelly bean testers

Here's a confession...I love jelly beans. Jelly Beans and licorice are my big weaknesses. My kids also share my fondness for jelly beans. My favorite is buttered popcorn. It took one of my friends to convince me that the buttered popcorn jelly bellies weren't going to kill me.

I've taken to buying the bags of belly flops at the dollar store because they are so much less expensive than buying a similarly sized bag of jelly bellies. Belly flops are irregularly shaped or colored jelly bellies.

I was at a store last week looking for a small treat for one of the kids and came across Bean Boozled. These are similar to the Bernie Botts beans they had for awhile in that there good flavors and nasty flavors...except with a twist. You can't tell rotten egg from the buttered popcorn.

Naturally, I bought a box and gave it to the kids because they will eat just about anything and laugh about it.

This led me to thinking...who taste tested these things? I mean, who in his right mind would eat something that quite possibly tasted like vomit or skunk spray? How many taste tests would one have to endure before getting to the right combination? That person must have a stomach of steal. I feel like I'm going to wretch just thinking about that poor taste tester.


  1. You are not going to catch me taste testing anything, I have a VERY weak stomach.

    Okay, where did your friend get the penguin cookie cutter...I want one, and I don't have one and somehow I am going to figure out how to make it a need and get it onto the budget :) I'm also still trying to convince David that the Gummi Bears DVDs are a necessity but it hasn't worked yet.

  2. check out www.coppergifts.com I also got a cute little igloo


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