Tuesday, December 30, 2008

technical difficulties

The addhousewife is currently experiencing technical difficulties.

Before our trip to Ohio, our computer died. It's older, so it will cost as much to fix as to buy a cheap-o low end model and we'll probably come out with a better computer.

But we're also being good little Dave Ramsey followers and waiting til we have the cash in hand to get the new computer...which means I'll have very limited (read: library time) access for the next little while.

Ohio is COLD. But, D likes it and wants to add it to our list of possible places we want to move to when we get to that magic "everything paid off but the house" point. We've had a good time visiting Boonshoft and today we went to the National Air Force Museum. Both places were very neat, tho my energy level went very quickly.

We may be home by this weekend, but that's still up in the air. D wants to go home a bit early so he can take care of this ticket he got. It's not a legitimate ticket and he can prove it, which is always a bonus. The ticket was for driving without a license. He had a license; it was expired. BUT he has 60 days from the expiration date to renew the license without getting a ticket. The ticket was written within his grace period, so it's not valid. The officer should have never written the ticket. But, this is a loophole in the law that most people won't even investigate and they never point out the grace period unless you ask. He took a day off to take care of it, but it wasn't in the system yet. The next time he went, they were closed for the holidays. *sigh*

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