Monday, January 12, 2009

giving it a try

Ok so the computer is still broke and the library has blogger blocked ... This means I am having to resort to other technologies!

Last week I dropped my cell phone in water and it did not recover. I needed a new phone anyway and Verizon had a great deal on blackberries so here I am now learning a new addiction.

Homeschooling with kari is going well. She is a very fast learner which leads me to believe she must have been bored out of her mind at school. It was definitely the right decision to pull her from school since she has stopped bedwetting! The wetting started as soon as they got a new teacher in her class. There was also quite a bit of bullying. Anyway she is just so much happier!

Right now we are working on sight words, skip counting, telling time, and learning about our community. The biggest problem seems to be age wants to do school all the time! She was nevv

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