Friday, February 20, 2009

101 things that won't be getting done today

I had wonderful intentions for today. I was going to reorganize more in my kitchen. I had shopping to do. Paint to pick out.

I was completely derailed by a dead battery in my van. The dead battery means I had no way to get the kids to school. That means I have now have five very bored children to keep occupied today.

It's one thing to know the kids are going to be home and I can plan activities but in a situation like this I have nothing. I'm still trying to save gas, so I was saving all my errands for the week for today. I had a completely full schedule. Now, I have to wait til 2 p.m. when D gets his planning period for him to run home and jump start the van. All my neighbors are gone already.

I am praying the weather warms up enough to send them outside.

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