Wednesday, February 25, 2009

As Seen On TV junkie

I admit it. True confession time. I love As Seen On TV products.

Some fifteen years ago, I worked at a dollar store and we got this As
Seen on TV product called AWESOME. It was an all purpose cleaner. It's still on the market today at finer dollar stores across the country. But it works! The product line has expanded and now includes an orange based cleaner that is beyond incredible. It works better than any other cleaner I have ever purchased. And for $1, who can go wrong?

D has been taken in by Sham Wow. I wasn't wowed. You can't put them in the dryer. If you do, they don't soak up nearly as well. We spent $20 on four towels. My kids are still smitten by them, taken completely in by the hype. They also just toss them in with the regular wash and I don't always sort through to see if there might be a sham wow in with the wash. So, all of them have been washed and dried. Seriously, it is way too much effort for a towel.

This week, I purchased what Alex referred to as the cheese grater for feet. Yes, I became a lemming and purchased a ped egg. Having only attempted it a few times, the jury is still out whether or not it's a superior product. To be honest, it's rather hard to tend to the heels of your feet when you're 34 weeks pregnant.

Today's shopping venture for a shower curtain did yield a rather pretty curtain, but I also came home with a floor renewer. The one by Billy Mays wasn't available at the As Seen On TV store, but this one also boasted an "As Seen On TV" label, so it has to work, right? A package of Might Mendit also found it's way into my shopping cart. Hey, it's worth a shot.

And it isn't just the As Seen On TV label that grabs my attention. On a recent episode of Rachael Ray's daytime talk show, she did a human lab experiment and tested Downy Wrinkle Releaser. Yes, I was completely lured in by the celebrity endorsement. But if it works and I don't have to iron then it is well worth the $2.50 I spent on the travel size to test it out!

But to prove I do have some self control, be assured I will never ever buy a Snuggie.

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