Saturday, February 21, 2009

being a good little consumer

Today is Saturday, which means all those errands I've been putting off were getting done today.

We had so many stops and I really ended up overdoing it. I am beyond exhausted and we're having taco salad for dinner. Taco Salad is my big "I'm too lazy to cook real food" meal.

I have been working so hard on the Dave Ramsey thing. We paid off our very first credit card as part of our debt snowball yesterday. It is just killing me that we actually needed to spend a big chunk of money today on things that needed to get done.

First stop was Home Deposit...err Depot. We didn't get everything we needed because someone who will remain nameless didn't think we needed to bring twine to tie the foot molding to the top of the van and wanted to stop there first. I wanted to go there last. We left with a new faucet, a new sink for the bathroom, and assorted repair/revitalize items for the house.

Next, Circuit City's going out of business. We escaped unscathed because there was nothing we really couldn't live without.

Then, my wallet took a big hit at Costco. But it always takes a hit there. Bu this point, the back of the van was completely full and we had to start stacking things on the back seat. To me, this is the sign that it is now time to stop, go home and take a break from capitalist society for a few hours.

Of course, I'm not the only one on the trip and there was another store going out of business. This store tended to be overpriced to begin with and some of the fifty percent off prices were still higher than normal prices at walmart or target. We did pick up a few good deals and stocked up on school supplies. And, I'm going to be a good girl and steal Orgjunkie's recipe organizing plan. My one file folder will probably hold up better in the long run the way she does it. So, at the office supply store, I picked up the tools needed to accomplish this task. I also realized this is one of those things I can do sitting down that will also satisfy that need to nest that is overpowering me lately.

I still need to pick out a paint color for the kitchen and living room. If anyone has a good suggestion for a tannish color that will look good with the denim blue counter tops D picked out and the red accents. I'm thinking we can go for a western look. D suggests the Americana look. I just hate the blue counters, but I'm stuck with them for awhile. This is why you should NEVER EVER throw up your arms and say "I don't care honey, you just pick"...because you may end up with denim blue counter tops.

This next week, I have to start priming the walls. I can do the kids' room but I can't do the living room or kitchen. Maybe the hall... We have three weeks to finish this remodel/revitalizing house project. I am afraid we aren't going to get done in time.

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