Saturday, February 14, 2009

hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog!

D was able to get the computer working with help from his brother who works for Intel! woot!

That means the ADD housewife is back in the swing of things.

so much has been going on. Homeschooling Kari is going very well. We finished kindergarten in like three weeks. The standards here are so pathetic. No science or social studies standards at all. So we're going to be learning science and social studies on our own. Real basics like the life cycle of a butterfly, the planets and important things like address, phone number, city and state and where we are in the world. She is so excited to learn. We had food poisoning a few weeks ago and Kari complained to Leelee that I wasn't able to do school with her!

We also made the decision that we were applying for kindie again at one of the magnet schools. This particular school is an academically advanced school. Kindergarten there is equivalent to first grade in the rest of the district. She has to pass a test to get in. With her late birthday (less than a week before the cut off), the staff at the school recommended testing for kindie instead of first (which would be second grade work). The advantage to us being there are 108 kindie spots vs less than 20 first grade spots.

Also, if Alex bombs his audition in the performing arts magnet, we'll be homeschooling him in the fall! They are rezoning for junior highs and the one we are likely to get rezoned to, is one D taught at and well, there's no way he'd let one of our kids go there.

I am going to be very very busy this fall! I'm hoping it all works out smoothly.

One other noteworthy item...we're almost done with our kitchen remodel! New floors went in last week. We're finally in the home stretch. We just have to install the new sink, paint walls and cabinets, install foot molding and a chair rail and it's done. After 2.5 YEARS. I'm ready for it to be finished!

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