Thursday, March 26, 2009

the answer is no

if you're stalking my blog for some big news, the answer is no.

if you're stalking my blog for other reasons, then welcome :D

The kitchen is coming along. It's now a nice primer white and the cabinets have been painted, but half of them haven't been put back up yet. We were hoping to finish painting this weekend, but with the severe weather and high humidity, it's not going to happen.

I've continued trying to get things organized and I'm purging like crazy. I can't believe we have sooo many clothes! D actually has more clothes than I do, if you can believe it. The closet is mainly his things. He has his own dresser that is full, I only use three drawers out of my dresser.

We're getting more excited about homeschooling this fall. Still trying to decide on some curriculum things. D and I are going to sit down together and map out what Alex will be studying. Someone sent me a link to a great Build Your Own Robot project. Alex is under the mistaken impression this is to be a science project. We're going to be doing it for English. He's going to have to write up a summary of the project and then do an oral presentation. He's also pretty upset that I'm planning on using Wordly Wise for our vocabulary. Leelee uses it at her school and I have been so impressed by it. It's hard work, but having a strong vocabulary and knowing how to use it is incredibly important.

I'm also excited about the civics/government program we're going to do. It's a great opportunity since we do live in our state capital. Alex is already a political junkie, so I have to keep the projects interesting for him.

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