Tuesday, March 10, 2009

brain disconnect?

I'm always amazed at how willing to help my toddlers are. They are so excited to help mama, doing everything from pulling the clothes out of the dryer to loading the dishwasher. Then, suddenly, they don't want to help any more. It's like some sort of switch in their brains.

Another odd phenomena I've yet to be able to explain is that aside from myself, the two year old is the only other person in the entire house that knows where everything goes in the kitchen. D can't even manage to get all items from the dishwasher put away correctly. Yet Lizzy knows and will tell you if you are putting it away wrong! Again, there's some sort of brain disconnect going on.

I am trying very hard not to raise lazy children. The 5 yo and the 7 yo aren't pulling their own weight right now and it's starting to drive the 10 yo and 12 yo (on Friday!!) crazy. I am very impressed with Alex's work ethic lately...as in he finally has one! If I give him a task and a certain time frame to complete it, he generally does an acceptable job of finishing. Of course, the TV and computer must be completely off because he has that genetic problem inherited from his father that every time there's something electronic on, he is drawn to it. It's like a mosquito to a bug zapper....zzzzzzzzzzzzttttttttt

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