Thursday, March 5, 2009

hey, i finished something!

I finished a pair of yoga pants for Leelee. Sad to say that's about all I accomplished today aside from grocery shopping.

But I have to take baby steps. Tomorrow, I will finish her tunic and put away the winter clothes. I actually have to find a box to put them in, though. Part of me just wants to go out and buy a new plastic box, but I know I have a box here.

I'm inspired to repurpose something, too. I want to be creatively using what I have. i have no idea what, tho. I don't have much time to figure it out, either!

Tomorrow, I also plan to move the cosleeper in to our bedroom. That means I need to move the sewing stuff to where the cosleeper has been housed. Extra fabric is going to be stored under the cosleeper. And, I guess I'm going to use the drawers that had the fabric for the baby's dresser. Still, I feel like I'm just moving stuff around and not actually getting rid of things. I need to purge my fabric but that just feels so wrong. LOL

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