Monday, March 9, 2009

It's Monnnnndayyyy

Like most people, I hate the time change. The only good thing is that I got to pretend that the little one slept until 7. It seemed nice to look at the clock and see that number instead of 6. Too bad my body wasn't fooled and still needs a nap!

Big accomplishment this weekend: The kitchen walls are primed. The sander battery died so D didn't get to finish the cabinets. He's tutoring every day this week, so I doubt it will get done til Saturday.

Saturday, a friend is coming by the help me swap out winter for summer around the house. She's taller than me, so hopefully she can get to those hard to reach places I can't dust! D isn't much help because if he can't see it, then the dust doesn't really exist.

Meanwhile, we're gearing up for ideas on homeschooling Alex for the fall. We need all the ideas we can for making the most of this. Now, the boy and I both have ADD so we know we need to keep a good schedule. Unschooling is a phenomenally bad idea. I need tips on how to set up a small closet into a classroom, storage of materials, etc. Thankfully, between D and I, we have college level degrees/certifications in all the core subjects except science. We may farm out the science curriculum to one of the online distance learning programs.

As for the other kids, we're waiting to hear back on school applications for Ben and Kari. Leelee is gearing up for the science fair and her major history project is almost done. I can't believe there are just eight weeks left of school, with two of those being state testing!

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