Tuesday, March 3, 2009

project reminders...

I love looking at tutorials for things I want to do, but realistically will never get around to doing. I have high hopes, but sadly, my reality is that I can never remember to do any of the projects! When I have down time, all I want to do is sit and veg.

So here are some of the projects I fully intended on participating in and never got around to.

Square bottom lunch bag These were going to be teacher gifts.

many free purse patterns
yet another teacher gift idea or maybe a cute bag for myself...

DIY bella band This one I did try. But I messed up and used a shirt that was too large for me so it never worked correctly.

This Black Apple Doll was going to be a gift for my youngest.

The oldest girl is in desperate need of headbands yet I still haven't finished one yet.

I promised myself I will get at least one of these kimonos done before baby arrives.

and these seemed like a genius idea, too! I have the crates and the fabric. Just need the TIME.

Well, that's my big confession of today. And I keep thinking it's better to have a large amount of projects bookmarked on the computer than having the instructions in a file folder or something.

Anyone else have great intentions that never come to fruition?

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  1. In my crack addled mind, I have a fantasy of hiring a mother's helper/housekeeper. One of her tasks would be to craft with me/watch the kids so I can do my stuff. I've got so much fabric and supplies.... but not much to show for it.

    Once I move, I'm going to be starting to flylady again and will be working on getting finances under control AND crafting more. I've been knitting already, though not as much as I need to be, but it's all baby steps in the right direction! I may actually finish these two projects -- I'm feeling pretty good about them.


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