Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rest, relaxation and recovery?

This past week I'm supposed to be recuperating from having a baby. We have been very blessed to have wonderful friends bringing meals in. Millie's birth was a bit rougher than I expected. Who would have thought that #6 would decide to come forehead first? So, I've been pretty much confined to bed for the past week.

Today, I felt marginally better. My back hasn't been horrible and I was hopeful I might be able to get away with not having any help any more.

WRONG. Dead wrong.

Instead, I started developing some troubling symptoms: blurred vision, headache, drooping eyelid, drooping lips, numbness in my face...

These symptoms and a quick call to the doctor, sent us back to the hospital where we actually got the best case scenario diagnosis: bell's palsy. Believe me, it's much better than the worst case going through my mind!

Tomorrow, I'm supposed to see a neurologist. I'm sure my doctor is just playing it safe since I am just a week out from having a baby.

Meanwhile, I have to wear an eye patch because my left eye won't shut all the way. The tear ducts are also stuck pretty much open and constantly tearing. Without the eye patch, they may dry out which can cause other problems. So, I get to look like a pirate for awhile. I would much rather have a cool authentic pirate eye patch. For now, I have boring gauze. If this looks like it's going to be a longer problem, I may have to make myself a cool pirate eye patch ....ARGGGGG

It also stinks that I am completely unable to drive because of the patch. DH even had the audacity to suggest that I shouldn't sew! Pfffft on him.

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