Thursday, May 14, 2009


I can't believe I didn't post this yesterday! My age must be catching up with me.

Yesterday, D and I celebrated 15 years of marriage. We celebrated like any other family of 8 would celebrate. I was up at 5 a.m. to take a child to the school for a field trip. Then I came home and slept for two hours. Drove the other kids to the school. Came back home and slept til noon. Got up, showered, ate, moved a carseat into the small car, tossed dinner in the crockpot. Realized it was time to get Alex. Ran over to the school and picked him up. Dropped him at home and picked up DH for his MRI. On the way to the MRI, picked Leelee up from school. Dropped D off at his appointment and took Leelee to the park. Found out the dr office told us the wrong time for the MRI and neglected to get a preauthorization! Thankfully, given the reason for the MRI, they were able to get all of that done quickly. Checked the time and realized my blackberry was dying and ran home to charge it briefly and drop Leelee off. Got a few minutes of charge and drove BACK to pick up D from his MRI, arriving just as he got done. Drove HIM back home just in time to drive BACK to the school to pick up the child that was coming home from that early morning field trip. Sat at the school for nearly 90 minutes waiting for them to get back. Called home and had Leelee toss my dinner into a tortilla with some cheese and to be sure to be ready to go as soon as I dropped Ben off. Ben arrived at 620, drove home quickly and honked twice. Alex and Leelee piled into the car and then we drove to the church for scouts and achievement. Finally got home at 845...where I then had to clean the kitchen.


At some point in there, I know I did wish my husband a happy anniversary!

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  1. Tell my brother to take you out! Like right now! 15 years? With my brother? Yeah, you'd better get dinner, that you don't have to cook, out of the deal! Happy Anniversary! Shannon


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