Saturday, May 2, 2009


A friend said she was doing bootcamp with her kids this summer so I had to ask what she meant. Each summer, she sets up a camp where the kids learn new skills that they get to employ for the following school year.

Ahh! What a terrific idea and one that I will be implementing while we are home.

The first person to get the bootcamp treatment will be the oldest boy. He's going to be learning how to do his own laundry. At 12, he's more than capable of learning what a pain in the backside the amount of laundry he generates! I am thinking my "let's play fashion show and go through five outfits a day" 10 year old daughter would also benefit from having to do her own laundry.

The almost 8 year old is going through an "I can't do that!" stage so we're going to be embarking on some confidence building exercises. He's going to learn to load the dishwasher properly (rinsing and putting things in the correct spot).

The five year old...I need to just get her to put her clothes away know, not shoving everything in to the drawers. I will admit I have pretty much STOPPED folding the children's clothes because none of them keep them folded long enough to make it to the drawers. Why should I waste my time folding them, then?

The two year old will be in charge of swiffering. She likes to swiffer and it keeps her out of my hair for a bit :P

My kids are more than old enough to be contributing to a bulk of the chores around the house. They do have a daily chore chart and responsibilities, but during the summer when they are home alllll day, they make much more of a mess. I kick them out of the house til lunch time but after lunch, it's usually far too hot to be outside, so they stay inside til it starts to cool again and stay out til least that's the plan.

Kids need to be active and outside. They need to learn hard work. It's my job as the parent to make sure all of that happens.

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