Saturday, May 30, 2009

The cat

Last weekend, we were cleaning out our shed and heard a strange sound...meow meow. D dug around and found a cat. The cat has been living in our shed. It was so emaciated. It amazes me that people can let animals get like this. I'm not an animal person, but sheesh...I'm not a cold hearted wench either.

In a moment of insanity pity, I allowed the kids to feed it. Next thing I know the cat is coming around all the time.

Sooo...I guess this means we've been adopted by this cat. We're calling the cat Joe.

It has been pointed out to me by several people that Joe is probably short for Josephine, not Joseph. Right now, I'm considering my cat gender neutral. ha ha

The cat is very friendly and doesn't seem to mind Lizzy. She's two and loves the cat in that special way only a two year old grabbing it and carrying it around like a doll. Joe doesn't run away. Joe is very social which is unusual for a cat. Sits on my windowsill and just watches me while I clean the kitchen every day.


  1. Poor kitty. I hope you are able to take care of her or find a home.

  2. Josefina has decided she lives here. She sits on the windowsill most of the day watching me in the kitchen.

  3. Oh that is so sweet. I always seem to bring home or find a home for strays. She looks to be quite lovely too.


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