Thursday, May 7, 2009


Even living in the pacific northwest, I've never experienced urban flooding...until today. The rain was so heavy, the six foot walk to my car left me looking like I just stepped out of the shower.

We live at the highest elevation in the city, and even our neighborhood was having roads flooded. I have always told the kids not to worry about flooding because if we flooded, it meant there were even bigger issues in the city to worry about!

It was bad enough that the state legislative building was closed due to flooding. We headed over to the school for D to sign paperwork and the road was flooded with cars stuck.

I wish I had enough sense to take some pictures, but I was more focused on driving. Not a big fan of having to drive through standing water, but I wasn't able to turn around. We weren't able to get to the fabric store today because the roads were closed. Water in some places covered cars up to the windshield!

You can see pictures at WSFA

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  1. Too much rain! It has been raining a lot here but not to the point of flooding. Stay safe!


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