Monday, May 11, 2009

Menu plan Monday

It's been an interesting ride the last month. First, the baby. Then the Bell's Palsy. No sooner is that done, then D got hurt at work. He's sporting a nice gash in his forehead and 20 stitches. It's actually his first time with stitches! So that's quite a milestone!

For those wondering what happened...let's just say he teaches at a school where some of the students are a little rougher than at most.

Anyway, he goes back to work Wednesday, we think. He has a doctor appointment tomorrow to get his stitches out and needs to make sure his concussion is gone. He's still having some dizziness.

The good news is we're all alive!

So on to the fun stuff...

Monday: Taco Rice
Tuesday: Lemon Chicken and cheesey rice pilaf
Wednesday: cheeseburger mac n cheese
Thursday: chicken
Friday: French Toast
Sunday: low country smothered pork chops

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