Monday, May 4, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays

They don't get me down :) I love rainy days. They remind me of home. Right now, it's in the mid 60s and raining. It is, to me, a perfect day. The rain really energizes me! And, so far this morning, I've done a load of dishes, a load of laundry and have started in on the post-weekend detox of the living room.

Last night dinner was derailed by the rain. I had plans to BBQ but even a native Washingtonian won't BBQ in the rain with the threat of tornadoes. ;)

Without further delay, here's this week's dinner menu:

Monday: Baked chicken, spinach, mashed potatoes
Tuesday: Pork Tacos (cinco de mayo!)
Wednesday: crockpot chicken and rice
Thursday: Mexican Deep Dish Pizza
Friday: Breakfast for dinner
Saturday: Garlic and olive oil spaghetti
Sunday: Beef stew

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