Friday, May 29, 2009

school vacation is over

That is to say my vacation from being a full time mom to six kids is over. School let out yesterday. That means everyone is home all day. My vacation is over and the kids' vacations have begun.

The good news is I discovered today that my children are afraid of me and can be taught. By afraid, I mean that they do know I am serious when I talk about consequences and when I say something has to be done or else something will not happen, they know it's true. This has been some time in coming!

This morning when the kids woke up (I had a late night catching up on TV shows since I didn't have to get up this morning), Leelee set straight to cleaning the living room. The rule being that no one can watch TV, play on the computer or wii, until all chores have been done, especially the living room being picked up. In fact, this particular child has been scolded and repriminded all school year about leaving her PJs in the middle of the living room floor and today, TODAY she finally made sure she didn't dump her clothes in the living room!

Alex also did his chores without being asked.

Further proof that I've moved into some parallel universe: I had a meeting with the kids about the summer schedule. I wrote it out for them exactly when outside play is, when lunch happens, snack time, who has a turn on the computer and wii and's all laid out. I also made up a lunch menu and snack menu. They agreed to my terms and thought it was a good idea. THEN, one of them suggested that whoever was on kitchen duty for the day should be the one to prepare lunch.

I am hopeful on this first day of summer vacation that it's not going to be a horribly long summer.

My kids are finally understanding the need for structure, personal responsibility and keeping mama happy.

It's like the heavens opened and angels began to sing.

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  1. reminds me of the Seinfeld episode of bizarro world! Ha!
    But, hey...its started out smoothly.......right?
    I have a schedule too. Mainly b/c my kids don't have many friends in the neighborhood so I have us doing other 'stuff' to keep them from sitting at home in front of some electronic idiot device :-)


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