Thursday, May 21, 2009

So I let my kid play with a knife...

Only partly kidding!

I've been reading a lot about Free Range Kids and realized that's pretty much how I parent my big kids. We are pretty much into attachment parenting with our babies and toddlers but there really wasn't anything to describe what we do in our family with the big kids. Well, now there range. It sounds like we're raising poultry or something :P

The biggest thing for us is teaching kids responsibility and the ability to make good choices in a very confusing world. The time is right now to give them the tools and teach them the skills they need and let them practice. It's all well and good to talk to them about things but they need to put the learning to the test.

For example, the knife thing...tonight Leelee, who's 10 and a half now (that half is very important!) cooked dinner by herself. She made this Chinese Orange BBQ Chicken that was FABULOUS, btw. She cut up all the veggies, did the sauce, stir fried on our gas stove, etc. And none of us died. It's amazing what kids can do when you give them the chance.

Here she is with her creation tonight...

So on to responsibility...Tomorrow is talent day at Leelee's school and she said her talent is sewing. She's not too bad for her age, but still requires a lot of supervision and has difficulty sewing a straight line (but a lot of adults have that problem, too!). Her teacher was teasing her and said "Hey you can make me a skirt!" but Leelee, being in the fourth grade, went ahead and said "SURE!"

I had to explain to the child that a lot more goes in to a skirt than she thinks and that if she wants to make something for her teacher, a skirt probably isn't the best idea. We found a cute apron pattern that I thought would be easier for her to accomplish. What I didn't count on was the little one going through a growth spurt and wanting to be latched on 24/7 making it very difficult to oversee this project. BUT because Leelee promised it, we were up about 90 minutes past bedtime working on the project. It isn't perfect but she did it herself! She made a commitment and she followed through.

I'll post a picture of the apron tomorrow. It is super fast and easy and I have five more I need to make this weekend. eek!


  1. Thanks for the link to the FreeRangeKids. While I only have a five month old, I definitely think we should give our children choices. I think by giving them resposibilities and choices, that will in turn make them feel better about themselves and hopefully have an "I can do it!" attitude.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Can't wait to see the apron. It really is amazing what kids can do when they're given the chance.

  3. I'll be looking for the apron. My 8 year old would like to sew herself an apron and I haven't been able to find a cute and easy pattern.

  4. That looks like a yummy dish!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. I think that is wonderful! Both my kids love to help cook, etc. They are both using knives to some extent...but I stand nearby while sweat runs down my brow!

    As for the apron gift idea....WONDERFUL!


Thanks and have a great day!