Sunday, May 31, 2009

woot! i won! i won!

I never win anything. I'm like the biggest loser of entering contests. I entered a drawing over at the Psychotic Housewife's blog and I was the random winner. This is a great blog for finding deals and coupons and I just love reading her each week.

Anyway, she had a drawing for a give-away from a great new clothing company called Ufadili. The company is really cool giving 30 percent to charities. It's the kind of place any crunchy granola types would support. You know, my kind of people.

Also, since it's Monday ... at least somewhere ... It's time for my weekly menu.

Sunday-- Stuffed Peppers (for me and Ben) Meatloaf for everyone else
Monday-- Pulled Pork
Tuesday-- Coconut crusted Tilapia. No recipe for this one since I buy it from the market
Wednesday-- Pork Curry (leftovers from Monday's meal)
Thursday--Taco Salad
Friday--Pancakes and eggs
Saturday-- Spaghetti

DH was pretty happy to see there's not chicken anywhere on the menu this week. He's getting pretty burned out on chicken.

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  1. I make pecan crusted tilapia...we LOVE it! I've not tried it with coconut....hmmmm, yet!


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